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About Us

In 2016, Afyon Mining Industry and Trade Company Limited. started its marble quarry activities in Afyonkarahisar/Iscehisar. In this marble quarry, block and rubble production is carried out in three main selections: Afyon Sugar, Afyon Violet, Afyon Grey.

In 2018, our marble factory construction started in Iscehisar Marble Specialized Organized Industrial Zone with a closed area of 9,500 m2 on an area of 20,000 m2.

Again in the same year, our Hisar Grey marble quarry started its activities in the vicinity of Balçıkhisar village of Afyonkarahisar/Şuhut district. From this quarry, blocks and rubble are produced in four main selections: Hisar Grey, Hisar Blue Line, Hisar Gold Line and Hisar Breccia.

In 2020, the first stage project of our marble factory was completed and started its activities. In our marble factory, blocks and rubbles extracted from our own quarries are processed as tiles and slabs.

In 2021, a solar power generation facility was established to meet the energy of our marble factory. Our company produces the electricity it needs.

About Us

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